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Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust

Castlefields Primary is a convertor academy as of the 1st November 2017. It became an academy and a member of the Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust (BAST). Other schools in this trust are: Oldbury Wells Secondary School; Alveley Primary School and St Leonards Primary School.

The Education Trust was established with the purpose of supporting and coordinating local education. It was founded on the belief that schools are stronger and can achieve more for their pupils when they work together. As such the Trust’s logo was designed to reflect that view, with individual coloured arches that together make up a bridge.


Bridgnorth Area Schools' Trust
c/o Oldbury Wells School
Oldbury Wells Lane
WV16 5JD

Telephone: 01746 765454

Fax: 01746 762746

Website: www.bridgnorthareaschoolstrust.co.uk

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