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Curriculum Intent – Our approach to the Curriculum

Our Curriculum is designed to uphold our values and ethos and prepare children to be educated citizens ready for life in the 21st Century. It is an inclusive Curriculum. Each year group studies their own curriculum and this has been carefully mapped to allow for sequential learning. The curriculum is engaging and provides a complete programme of study, developing the ‘whole child’. Subject leaders ensure that any new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and that the ‘Learning Milestones’ are clearly defined.

Our Curriculum embraces the local community which is rich in cultural heritage and has a strong sporting identity. As such our children have many opportunities for sport; many visits to places of natural interest; visits to places of historical significance for their history learning; visits to develop their knowledge of geography about our local area that can then be applied to their wider geography knowledge.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspect of our curriculum threads through every topic. Children experience first-hand, visits to places of spiritual importance and welcome visitors from different faiths and cultures to school.

All pupils secure firm foundations in English and maths. The basic skills of reading, writing and maths underpin all aspects of learning within our curriculum and therefore equip our children to read around the aspects of knowledge they are learning and present information clearly. These basic skills ensure children can access the rest of the curriculum.

Through richly planned experiences within a topic and the use of a cross-curricular approach, pupils will embed and use knowledge fluently at a mastery level and build their knowledge of vocabulary.

Castlefields Primary School prides itself on being fully inclusive, with high expectations and aspirations for all pupils. The whole school community work tirelessly towards the goal of developing knowledgeable, well-rounded, motivated and happy children who are given many opportunities to:

                                        “Enjoy, Dream, Discover” (our school motto).

If you would like further information about our school please contact the school office on 01746 764072 or

You may also be interested in visiting our ‘Curriculum Implementation’ on the Curriculum page of our website.

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